About Us

World As One is an organization that is committed to creating a world where mankind is inspired to embody and practice peace principles that work for all. The purpose of this organization is to increase global connection through oneness and partnership as individuals interact as global citizens.

World As One is aligned and focused to implement initiatives of peace to individuals, communities and children of the world.

A flag is the initial representation of this organization, a Universal peace flag that signifies peace for all beings on planet Earth. Every country of the world is honored on this flag, remembering that we are all One. The intention is that the flag shall fly in all nations and open up connection through deepening conversation of practicing of global citizenship.

A powerful element of education works hand and hand with the World As One flag. It is here that principles of global citizenship are brought forward to the children of the world. The educational foundation is based on oneness, seeing beyond borders, embracing all mankind, and teaching respect for our unique differences as well as similarities.

World As One is an organization with the belief that it is possible for individuals on the planet to live in harmony and create a peace filled world that works for all. With this philosophy, we aim to accept that peace is not only possible, but also probable and attainable.